Peppermint Programs


Children are surrounded with age appropriate toys and tools to encourage exploration and discovery and enhance their overall development. They Will learn finger plays, songs and rhymes.

We focus on color, shape and letter recognition, counting and one to one correspondence, sequencing, predicting and problem solving.

The main focus of this program is language development. Children wilt explore language, reading skills, phonics and journal writing. Our Curriculum is designed to conform with the Curriculum of the Broward County Board of Education. (VKP Program)

This program is specifically designed for children who because of their date of birth cannot register in a Kindergarten program. We ensure they receive the help and support they need to prepare for primary school.

We provide pick up services from local Elementary Schools. Students have the opportunity to socialize, do their homework and play in a relaxed environment.

During this time we take a break from the school year curriculum and plan special, fun activities and events with a special theme. The children go on fun filled field trips.